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    Reindeer Ride at a Remote Farm

    In the middle of the forest with reindeer

    In the sleigh pulled by reindeer you’ll have a unique chance to enjoy the winter wonderland of Lapland. Reindeers will choose the tempo of the ride and may stop for a bite of lichen. If not, at the end of the ride we’ll make sure they will get some to eat. After the ride we’ll enjoy some hot drinks in the "kota" with a snack, while talking about the semi-wild life of reindeers.


    Duration: app. 2,5 h

    Price: 155€/adult, 110€/child

    Note: Available mainly on Wednesdays, from 10 Jan 2024 onwards.

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    Reindeer Sleigh Ride & Greeting

    An atmospheric ride with reindeers

    A wide open bog area is waiting for us to be admired from the sleighs pulled by the strongest of Konijänkkä's reindeer. Sometimes it's a rather quick ride while the other times it may take much longer you never know in which mood the reindeer are today! After the ride we enjoy feeding the reindeer and chatting about their cycle of life. At the end, hot juice and some little snacks are served in a traditional Lappish "kota", around an open fire.


    Duration: app. 1,5h

    Price: 135€/adult, 100€/child (4 - 11 years)

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    Relaxed Reindeer Ride

    A taster of a ride with reindeers

    We get to meet a pack reindeer and enjoy a little ride around the bogs that surround Konijänkkä's farm. To experience a reindeer sleigh ride is a mandatory, and authentic, Lapland experience: where the rest of Europe used horses to travel, reindeer were the main vehicles up here in Lapland.


    Duration: app. 45 min

    Price: 105€/adult, 85€/child (4 - 11 years)

    Note: Available only occasionally