Ylläs Experiences

    The people behind our company are enthusiastic about taking people outdoors to enjoy the very same things the love themselves.


    Wilderness Guide


    I am a nature lover from Äkäslompolo and I’m part of a TV programme called Arctic Waters, where I flyfish. I have been on different adventures in Ylläs region since I was in diapers. During the years, the region and the outdoor experiences around it have become a lifestyle for me. Nature is not only my livelihood, but also a source for my wellness and a place to calm down. I constantly observe nature and my principles are based on respecting nature and acting sustainably while spending time outdoors.


    Wilderness Guide


    I am a wilderness guide and an adventurer from Äkäslompolo. I move around Ylläs in many ways depending on the season and the conditions. The paths, streams and rivers have become familiar and safe places for me throughout the years. My relationship with nature is based on positive energy and it gives me good mood in addition to my livelihood. I have also trekked alone across the wilderness areas of Lapland whilst enjoying the harsh and beautiful nature.