These furry friends were born to run!

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    Half Day Husky Tour

    Sled Dog Safari

    Huskies love running! A tour with these super heroes is an unforgettable experience. On this tour you’ll have your own team of 4-6 dogs to drive. Before heading out to the track, there’s a driving introduction. The tour follows a 15-20km long track, taking us through a snowy forest and Lappish nature. The tour itself takes around one and half hours, depending on weather and conditions. After the tour we’ll enjoy some hot drinks and small snacks.


    Duration: 3h in total

    Price: 300€/person (two per sled)

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    Husky Safari at Konijänkkä

    A 4 km intro to husky rides

    Enjoy an exciting trip with Konijänkkä's Sled Dogs. This is an exciting and unforgettable experience for both adults and children. This trip is done in pairs and each pair get their own dog team to ride. Before the ride you will get a lesson on how to guide your sled. The trip is 4 km long. Only adults are allowed to operate the sled, children can be passengers on board. After the trip there are photo opportunities with the dogs. You can also meet our reindeer and horses.


    Duration: app. 45 min

    Price: 105€/adult, 85€/child (2 - 11 years)