The local culture is part of everything we do, but these specialities take you deeper into the Finnish and Lappish way of living.

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    A Finnish Summer Day

    It doesn't get more Finnish than this

    What does a Finn do in the summer? They go to their summer cottages. They heat the sauna. They fish. They cook by the open fire. They drink coffee. Maybe a beer. They take a nap. They play some games. For example.


    This is your chance to join a Finn for a Finnish day at our wilderness cabin!


    Duration: app. 6h

    Includes: A Finn (or someone that has lived here a long time), a warm meal by fire, sauna, fishing equipment, transportation to the cottage and back

    Price: 2-3 people 150€/person, 4-8 people 120€/person, private for your group