The old Arctic Post Road (350 km) provides us with wonderful, varying views and roads on our way from Äkäslompolo (Fin) to Alta (Nor). 15–19 July 2024, with B&B accommodations, all meals and luggage transportation.

    Registration by May 31st via email info@yllasexperiences.com

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    A five-day, bikepacking-style gravel bike tour through Lapland – from the taiga forests and fell sceneries of Pallas–Ylläs national park, on to the endless highlands of Finnmark and finally down to the Arctic Ocean.

    The gravel version of the Arctic Post Roads follows the original post road that once existed between Copenhagen in Denmark and Alta in Northern Norway. The route, now consisting of both gravel and paved roadsis incredibly beautiful but technically still rather easy. Thanks to that, tehre is plenty of time to admire the surroundings while riding. In short, this is a perfect bike tour for the ones that are relatively fit (the pace is quite easy), like to ride in small groups (max. 7 per riding group) and want to enjoy riding light (and not to carry heavy loads of equioment on your bike).


    A service car drives along everyday, meaning your spare clothing and equipment can be accessed every evening. The accommodations are in local B&B-style accommodations.

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    Day 1 – Warm-up: Ylläs – Jeris, 50 km / 500+m of climbing

    Kokoontuminen aamulla Äkäslompolossa, jossa varmistamme, että kaikilla on pyörät kunnossa ja tarvittavat varusteet ja vaatetukset mukana. Ajelemme mukavan puolipäiväisen vaihtelevia asfaltti- ja sorateitä Jerisjärvelle. Majoitus ja illallinen Jeris-hotellissa. Saunanautiskelu Arctic Sauna Worldissa kuuluu tietenkin myös asiaan.


    We meet in Äkäslompolo in the morning to get to know each other, check that the bikes are ok and the needed equipment has been packed along. We ride a sweet half-a-day on varying paved and gravel roads to lake Jerisjärvi. The hotel Jeris and Arctic Sauna World are located just by the lake, meaning we will get a pretty relaxing, tasty and enjoyable first night.

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    Day 2 – Pallas–Ylläs National Park: Jeris–Hetta, 90 km / 500+m of climbing

    Koko päivä mahtavia tunturimaisemia Pallas-Yllästunturin kansallispuiston laidoilla: Aamu alkaa haastavalla gravel-osuudella nousten Sammaltunturin laitaan. Hikoilu palkitaan upeilla Pallas-maisemilla ja komealla alamäellä Pallasjärven rantaan. Loppupäivä ajellaan kansallispuiston laitaa myötäilevää maantietä Hettaan ihmetellen tuntureita ja perilappilaisia kyliä. Majoitus Hetan majatalossa ja illallinen kylillä.


    A full day of mesmerizing fell (fell = Lappish small mountain) sceneries along the sides of the national park: We start the day with a tough climb up to the fell Sammaltunturi. Soon after, the sweating is rewarded by wonderful views towards the fells of Pallastunturi and a joyful downhill down to the lake Pallasjärvi. The rest of the day consists of riding along the national park on a quiet, paved road, while getting sneak peeks to very local village life. We stop for the night in the small town of Hetta and enjoy a well-deserved dinner in a restaurant.

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    Päivä 3: Yli rajojen – kohti Norjaa, 80 km / 400+ nousumetriä Day 3 – Norway calling: Hetta–Kautokeino, 80 km / 400+m of climbing

    When the forests end, the treeless tundra begins! Soon after leaving Hetta we find ourselves on the only road towards Norway. The further the day gets, the more open the scenery gets. The paved road takes us to Kautokeino, the capital of the Sami people.


    As the road we take is the only possible link between the two countries here, we have to cope with more cars than the days before. However, it's still Lapland – traffic jams are non-existing here.

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    Day 4 – Endless gravel: Kautokeino–Suolovuopmi, 80 km/ 700+m of climbing

    Koko päivä graveliä parhaimmillaan! Kautokeinon pohjoispuolelta pääsemme aidolle oikealle Arctic Post Roadille, jota jollotellaan juurikaan näkemättä muita ihmisiä. Finnmarkin karut tunturiylängöt tekevät päivästä reissun seikkailullisimman: olosuhteet voivat olla ihan mitä vain lumimyräkästä hellepäivään! Yöpyminen Suolovupmi fjellstuen aidossa miljöössä, Alta-joten laaksossa.


    A full day of gravel at it's best! North of Kautokeino, we enter the real Arctic Post Road, where we can ride most likely without seeing any other person during the whole day. The rugged, treeless highlands of Finnmark make this the most adventurous day of the week: the weather may offer us anything between a snow blizzard and perfect beach weather.


    We stay for the night at Suolovuopmi Fjellstue, a traditional Norwegian mountain B&B.

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    Päivä 5: Suolovuopmi - Alta, 55 km / 700+ nousumetriä

    The last day – and what a day it is! The small gravel roads on the highlands continue in the morning. After a while, the arid, windy and sometimes cold highlands turn quickly into lush and green coastal forests of the Alta river valley when the altitude decreases toward the sealevel. The tour ends at sea front of Alta downtown area.


    After arriving in Alta, it's naturally high time for an after ride drink along with a tasty late lunch. Then we just pack the cars and start our journey back to Äkäslompolo. However, if you haven't had enough of biking, you can alway pedal back to Finland, or why not even further to Tromsø or towards Nordkapp! ;)

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    Additional information

    In short: A guided 5-day gravel bike tour from Äkäslompolo to Alta. Ca. 350 km, partly gravel, partly paved road

    Dates: 26 Aug – 4 Sep 2024 15–19 July 2024, meeting at 11 am in Äkäslompolo on the 15th, back in Äkäslompolo late in the evening of the 19th.

    Including: Guide along every day, luggage transport, all meals during the tour (breakfast, light lunch, dinner), accommodation is rooms of varying size (B&B style), transfers back to Äkäslompolo

    Excluding: Bike & equipment, snacks, drinks, travelling to/from Äkäslompolo

    Price: 1450€ / person, min. no. of participants: 5

    Additional information: info@yllasexperiences.com / +358 40 727 0594

    Note: We strongly recommned to bring your own bike with a setup you have found good. Rental bikes are also available upon request. Ask for more info.


    Booking terms in short: Everyone is responsible for their own insurance cover. Everyone is responsible for their own bike maintenance and repairs even though the guides help as much as possible. The whole trip is to be paid 30 days prior to the start. Free cancellations until 30 days prior to arrival. 50% refund, if cancelled 10–29 days before the start of the tour. In case the tour is cancelled due to not reaching the minimum no. of participants, we do not refund the travelling costs you may already have purchased to get to / from Äkäslompolo. If the minimum number is not reached, it may be possible to arrange the tour with an additional cost.